ancient ruins of Sardinia

ancient ruins of Sardinia
If world history were a library, Sardinia would be one of the most gripping reads in the ‘Mediterranean island’ department. Sardinia’s strategic position and its rich natural resources (silver and lead reserves) and fertile arable land have long made the island a victim of the Mediterranean’s big powers.; while its rugged, impenetrable mountains have attracted everyone from Stone Age man to 19th-century bandits in hiding.
Sardinia is the Italian region with the largest number of archaeological sites: over 8000 prehistoric sites, Roman and Carthaginians cities, medieval villages, surrounded by wonderful nature. Our tours will help you to discover these wonders, accompanied by archaeologists and professional tourist guides.
In Sardinia there is something unique in the world: the Nuragic culture.
The Nuragic culture emerged into the second millennium. B.C. and covers a period ranging from the Bronze Age to the second century B.C. It owes its name to the nuraghes, tower-castles, as a result of the evolution of an existing megalithic culture, which built dolmens and menhirs. The nuraghe is the largest and best preserved megalithic monument in Europe, and is the true symbol of Sardinia. According to some researchers, the Nuragic architecture was the most advanced in the Western Mediterranean during this period and accounted for about 8,000 nuraghes.
Some researchers think that Sardinia corresponds to Atlantis: The Lost Continent, the mysterious island where man lived as long as he wanted, with mountains rich in metals and resources, with pleasant summers and mild winters, and the harvest always abundant. An Eden, where life flowed slow and harmonious. With the same rectangular shape described by Plato in the Timaeus. Could that continent, with thousands of towers be Sardinia? Until now archaeology has not given us confirmation. It is certain that in this ancient land, life goes slowly and harmoniously, the coasts are fabulous and the island is full of history, charm, legends and mystery.